2018 Future Innovators' Showcase

...is back for it's 4th year at the CETPA Annual Conference

Sacramento Convention Center

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Submissions due October 26, 2018!

Do you know of students who are using technology in unique and creative ways to enhance education?  Here’s their chance to participate in CETPA’s Fourth Annual Future Innovators Student Showcase at this year’s CETPA Conference in Sacramento on Thursday, November 15th from 9am-12pm. Participants will be given a certificate of recognition, a custom logo t-shirt, a boxed lunch and more! Click below to sign up by Friday, October 26th*Representatives making submissions must obtain permission to participate from their school or districts and are responsible for any travel related costs to attend.


“Events such as the CETPA Future Innovators’ Showcase are not just about the technology; rather they highlight changes in how we need to be educating all children. Only through embracing the benefits of technology, will the students of today become the inventors and innovators of tomorrow.” - Peter Skibitzki, CETPA Past President and Treasurer

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