CETPA Call to Action – Continue the Fight for Net Neutrality

UPDATE: SB 822 Heads to vote by Full Assembly

 Yesterday, SB 822 passed out of its final committee, and now heads to the Assembly Floor for a vote by the full body.  We are asking all CETPA members to call their assembly member to ask them to support SB 822. You can find out who your representative is here. 

Below is a script for your call to your assembly member’s office:

“Hi, my name is [your name]. I work in  education and am calling to urge Assembly Member [insert Assembly Member’s last name] to support SB 822, the Net Neutrality bill by Senator Wiener. 

Schools across the country will suffer without net neutrality, and student learning will be directly impacted if California lawmakers do not stand up to the Internet Service Providers lobbying against this bill. 

Without net neutrality our schools will see slower internet at a higher cost, funneling critical dollars away from classrooms. We urge the Assembly Member to support SB 822 to protect net neutrality in California, and most importantly, to keep the internet accessible for ALL students.”


It is critical that members of the Assembly understand how a lack of net neutrality in California will affect our students and our employees.  With your help, we can push SB 822 across the finish line, and get it signed into law.