Today was the deadline for the Appropriations Committees of the Legislature to act on bills with significant costs. For weeks leading up to today’s deadline, the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees held long hearings to debate the fiscal merits of bills with significant pricetags, but did not take action. Instead, they parked those bills on the committees' internal “suspense files.”

This long-held practice allows the chairs of the Appropriations Committees to work with their house leadership and committee members to prioritize state spending proposals.

Legislative proposals subject to today’s fiscal deadline that failed to move out of committee are effectively dead. Bills that passed out of an Appropriations Committee now head to the Floor of that house for full consideration. 

Today’s deadline applies to bills in their house of origin, meaning the Senate Appropriations Committee acted on Senate bills and the Assembly Appropriations Committee acted on Assembly bills. Traditionally, legislators are apprehensive about killing their colleagues’ bills. As such, committee members passed most bills on the suspense files today under the assumption that those with exceptionally high costs (or exceptionally low popularity) will meet their end at a later date. 

Bills of Particular Interest

Several key bills moved forward today, including:

Full List of Today’s Actions on Tracked Bills

We have created a summary of today’s actions by the Appropriations Committees on the bills we are tracking, sorted by subject area. You can find that full list here.

Budget Leverage

Of particular interest, several high-profile and high-cost bills moved forward, leveraging items actively being discussed in the ongoing state budget negotiations between the two houses and Governor Brown. We have created a matrix that crosswalks budget items with the legislative proposals that moved forward today. That document can be found here.

What’s next?

Things are moving fast. Legislative deadlines allow bills one week to be heard on the Floor. Bills that fail to pass out of their house of origin by next Friday (June 1) will die. We will provide an update on those actions as well.

In the meantime, let us know if we can provide any additional information.

Have a nice three-day weekend.


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