SB 822 has pass the House and Senate and is on the Governor's desk for Signature
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Last Friday, on the final day of California’s 2017-18 Legislative Session, the Legislature sent SB 822, the bill to enact net neutrality protections in the state, to the Governor.  We are calling on all CETPA members to submit a letter requesting signature of the bill to the Governor’s Office. 

It is critical that the Governor understands how a lack of net neutrality in California will affect our students and our employees.  With your help, we can clear this final hurdle, and get SB 822 signed into law.

The office is very strict about this process and will only accept standalone letters. Below is text you can use to create your own letter. There is a Downloadable Word doc at the bottom. So either cut/paste or download the document.  Please save your letter as a PDF, and submit it via email to



The Honorable Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Governor of the State of California

State Capitol Building

Sacramento, CA 95814


Dear Governor Brown,

I work for public schools in California, and I write to respectfully request that you sign SB 822 (Wiener).  The bill will establish net neutrality protections for California, without which our schools will be vulnerable to drastic reductions in internet services that are critical to student learning.

On December 14, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal net neutrality rules, adopted under President Obama. Net neutrality refers to the principle that all websites and other online content should be equally available to consumers at the internet speed provided for in their agreement with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Under the new FCC order, ISPs are now free to manipulate web traffic to decide which websites will be easily accessible and what content they want to restrict access to on a discretionary basis.

This will have serious negative impacts on schools in California.  The ability of teachers to teach, and students to learn will be significantly impacted if California lawmakers do not act to protect them.  Quality, unobstructed internet service is a quintessential part of the modern classroom.  Everything from online instructional materials and the new, adaptive student assessments, to managing staff payroll and student information systems, depends on the ability of our schools to reliably connect to the internet.  These services being necessities, combined with the ability of ISPs to charge more for access to certain websites, will force schools to pay the higher rates, funneling critical dollars away from the classroom where they belong.

SB 822 reinstates strong net neutrality policy in California and prevents ISPs from engaging in practices that are inconsistent with a free and fair internet.  This is good public policy for all Californians, but is particularly important for our schools and students.

For these reasons, I wholeheartedly support SB 822.  I ask that you sign the bill when it comes before you for consideration.






SB 822 Governor Letter
(Microsoft Word Document)