California Education Technology Leader CETPA
Announces Lineup of Renowned Keynote Speakers
for its 57th Annual Conference

Sacramento, Calif., Tues, May 30, 2017
Taking an innovative leap in California education systems, the California Educational Technology Professionals Association (CETPA) announces top three keynotes who will present at the upcoming 2017 Annual Conference this fall. Dedicated to the support of IT professionals and education leaders in California schools and districts, the member-based organization positions itself for its 57th Annual Conference. An emphasis on professional development and change leadership in education have the association at the forefront of the industry as a leading force in driving reform through technology in education. More than 1,200 participants and nearly 300 vendors are anticipated to attend this year's conference and showcase to be held November 14-17, at the Pasadena Convention Center, located at 300 E Green St, Pasadena, Ca., 91101.
Get ready for a journey through the universe with our first keynote, Captain Scott Kelly, the astronaut who captivated the imagination of millions during his record-breaking space voyage. CETPA anticipates the enthusiasm that he will bring to the conference as Captain Kelly has proven that the sky is not the limit when it comes to the potential of the human spirit. He has paved the way for the future of space travel and exploration and CETPA looks forward to his edge of the seat inspirational insights. Captain Scott Kelly is known for his challenging discussions on dreaming big, pushing participants to test the status quo, and "choose to do the hard things."
The honorable Tim Wu will join us on day two of the event as the top choice candidate for our presidential keynote. His extensive education background at Harvard, McGill University and Columbia Law school combined with direct experience working with major players such as Google, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and Free Press, have helped Tim Wu become a leading professional in his field. He is notably accomplished in his work with First Amendment Issues and Net Neutrality theory, which bring his speaking topics to the forefront of many challenges and issues we face in the edtech community today. He has risen to the top of many influential lists as an acclaimed author of The Master Switch (2010), policy advocate and professor at Columbia Law School. His topics will undoubtedly bring out some of the underlying political issues surrounding the education landscape as it pertains to major trends and challenges facing the world today.

Anyone can train to think like a mathematician if they know how to Bake Pi, according to Dr. Eugenia Cheng, who will grace CETPA with the closing keynote presentation on the final day of the CETPA Annual Conference. Using a variety of unexpectedly connected examples that include music, juggling, baking and algebra, Dr. Cheng's can prove that math can be made fun, intriguing and relevant to people of all ages. With a combination of experience as a musician, scientist and college professor, Dr. Cheng is currently a scientist at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has won several awards and honorary fellowships alongside her widespread acclaim for her ever popular book: How to Bake Pi, with awards from the New York Times, National Geographic, Scientific American, and several interview segments that include the BBC, NPR and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
The event will feature four days of non-stop action with professional learning opportunities, leadership forums, hands on labs, and famous vendor Shootouts, alongside the largest ever Exhibitor's showcase, that is sure to impress. Technology professionals and leaders alike will soak in a host of networking opportunities, hosted meals, sponsored events, and professional learning opportunities in a world class setting. Participants will explore new methods that embrace technology support in education that will help schools progress into future ready learning and build a future of greater achievement to keep California ahead of the curve.

Pasadena Convention Center
300 E Green St, Pasadena, CA 91101