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Recognizing the impact that Adobe solutions can have on learning and the ability to prepare students  for success in the digital world, Adobe and CETPA have partnered on a K-12 Enterprise Term Agreement (ETLA) which is a three-year term-based license agreement that minimizes the costs and complexity of rolling out Adobe software districtwide and maximizes investments in new technology.

The Adobe K-12 ETLA benefits for districts and/or local education authorities (LEA) include:

  • Universal access and equityProvides universal and equitable access to Adobe software for administrators, teachers, staff, and students throughout the district on institutionally owned computers and within Labs and Classrooms for students.
  • Home-use rights (now included) - Provides home-use rights to administrators, teachers, and staff using Adobe Named User License model
  • Streamlined purchasing and order management—Consolidates deployment under an annual purchase order
  • Improved budget planning—Simplifies budget planning with a predictable annual licensing cost
  • Simplified compliance and version controlProvides district-wide access to the latest Adobe software
  • Flexible deployment—Supports multiple distribution options


 FTE Based:

School District provides FTE count (Full Time Equivalent): Full-­time Teachers + (Part-­time Teachers / 3) + Full-­time Staff + (Part-­time Staff /2) Note: Knowledge workers ONLY (Maintenance and Food Service not included) Students not included in this formula.

 Cost: $25.00 per FTE/annually, for a 3 year period – from September 1, 2018 to August 31st, 2021
District Wide coverage for Creative Cloud solutions, including Acrobat Pro/DC.  Faculty / Staff coverage under Adobe Named User Licenses & Students within Labs & Classrooms using Creative Cloud Desktop solutions.  
 Term: One Annual Payment – Three Year Price Lock Contract.
 Install: Faculty & Staff can install on up to two devices, allowing for work-at-home access and mobility.  Student Coverage within institution owned machines in Labs & Classrooms using Desktop/Device Licensing.
 Example: District has 750 FTE: District will pay Adobe $18,750.00 each August.

For more information:

Rebecca Smith - SHI-Software House International
CA K-12 Field Manager Office: 951-599-4882, mobile: 310-402-9905

SHI Team Line: 1-800-535-5210 

Kory Wood  | Adobe Education Advisor Adobe  |  206.675.7677 (p.) |800.866.8006 ext. 7677 (tel)|

Adobe Information Sheet
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Product Comparison Matrix
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