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CETPA is pleased to provide the CETPA and Microsoft Strategic Alliance (CAMSA) program supported by SHI. This is a California statewide purchasing contract with Microsoft for the Educational Enrollment Solution (EES) program.  This contract can serve as a master purchasing vehicle for K-12 educational institutions in the state of California. Offering major discounts and simplifying the license purchase process, this consortium includes over 70% of LEAs in California who would not qualify for this type of pricing on their own. Contact Microsoft or SHI today to learn more.

The benefits of this program include:

  • Simplified Decision Making
  • Leverage Collective Purchasing Power
  • Save Time Looking for the Best Price
  • Reduce Overhead and Recordkeeping
It is our intent to provide California K12 school districts with the aggressive pricing, service and support for EES Microsoft licensing. CETPA went through a rigorous and competitive RFP process to engage with a Large Account Reseller (LAR) and selected SHI to provide reseller service for these accounts. Based on the results of the request for proposal SHI will provide:
  • Low pricing for Microsoft products
  • Expertise in regards to products choices and options
  • Quick response and turn around with quotes, forms and paperwork

This program offers Level C pricing through the EES program to K12 educational organizations with 25 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) staff.  As seen below, this had only been available to organizations with 10,000 or more FTE. (Please note that FTE does not mean Full time Employee. For more information, see the FAQ page.)

CETPA CAMSA Program - Microsoft Enrollment for Education from CETPA on Vimeo.

Microsoft approached CETPA as the recognized organization that represents educational technologists in the state of California. Many of our CETPA members already understand the benefits of the EES licensing program. The problem was that only medium to large districts were eligible based on FTE staff counts. Now with this alliance with Microsoft, the FTE count has been lowered to 25 so that more schools and districts can participate.  All organizations enter into the program at level C pricing which represents the 10,000 FTE discount level. This can represent a significant savings for many schools.

Enrollment Windows:


For More Information Please contact SHI: (please include this email when corresponding with any of the representatives below).
Office: 800-535-5210

Rebecca Smith
CA K-12 Field Account Executive and CETPA/CAMSA Lead (working with K-12 throughout the State)
Office: 951-599-4882
Cell: 310-402-9905


NEW! Microsoft is compliant with CA ed code privacy laws:
Privacy Compliance
(Adobe PDF File)
Please see the documents below for more information on the piggy-backable bid response documents.
The Simi Valley Bid Documents include the extension for 2018.
Completed Forms
(Adobe PDF File)
Simi Valley Bid Documents
(Adobe PDF File)
Simi Valley Extension
(Adobe PDF File)
Vendor Response
(Adobe PDF File)
Other helpful documents:
Home Use Program - FAQs
(Adobe PDF File)
Campus and School Agreement
(Adobe PDF File)

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