The Chief Technology Officer Mentor Program is divided into one cohort each year. Applications for each cohort are available in late summer and fall for both candidates and mentors. Information for the 2018 cohort is below.

Participating in the CTO Mentor Program gives you access to a tight-knit, supportive community of certified CTOs across California. The program is not a technology program per se, but instead helps you to identify your areas of leadership growth. Working through these, you will participate in live classes, online assignments, and (best of all) a long-term mentoring relationship with a seasoned member of the CTO community. The work is equivalent to completing a master's program, but the tangible lessons and invaluable relationships last for years. 

Certified Chief Technology Officers shared that what was learned in the program is actually being used on the job (Judd, 2015). Furthermore, respondents provided specific examples of how their organizations were impacted due to their participation in the CTO Mentor Program, including increased customer satisfaction for both internal and external customers, improved business processes, and decreased costs (Judd, 2015).


In 2019, monthly in-person classes will be held at Irvine Unified. The full schedule and details are included in the application links below. All applications must be accompanied by one or more nominations which demonstrate LEA support for your participation in the program. 


Application Form: https://goo.gl/forms/sHpInXZ8iUloimRI3


Nomination Form: https://goo.gl/forms/ahpJbh0VoC5NF2t73

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