1. What is CAMSA?

The CETPA and Microsoft Strategic Alliance (CAMSA) supported by SHI is an agreement between CETPA. Microsoft and SHI to provide and manage a statewide licensing program that provides low pricing for Microsoft products through Microsoft's EES program.

2. What is EES?   

Enrollment for Educational Solutions is a subscription based licensing model calculated on the number of full time equivalents (FTE) rather than by machine.  For more information, please go towww.microsoft.com/education

3. What is a Knowledge Worker?

Any employee, contractor, or volunteer of or for the Institution who uses a Product or Qualified Device for the benefit of the institution or within the user’s relationship with the Institution. If you have fewer than 25 full time employees but also have part time employees, you may still qualify. Contact SHI for more information, Call 800-535-5210, CAK12@shi.com or go to SHI.com

4. Why did CETPA become involved?

CETPA intends to help provide California schools aggressive pricing, selection, service and support for Microsoft products through a strategic alliance with Microsoft and SHI.

5. What is included?

Information on products can be found from SHI. Call 800-535-5210, CAK12@shi.com or go to SHI.com.

6. Is there a cost to join?

No. There is no enrollment fee.

7. Was the bid process done in compliance with public organization bid rules?

Yes, the bid was a public bid open to responses. Each submission was evaluated and organizations interviewed and the choice was made based on a rubric of requirements stated in the bid. 

8. Is the pricing guaranteed?

 Yes, the pricing will remain steady for the term of enrollment, either one year or three years.

9. What is the process for purchasing?

 Please contact SHI at 800-535-5210, CAK12@shi.com 

10. Are the products e-Rate compliant?

Yes, there are compliant products available.  Please contact SHI at 800-535-5210 or CAK12@shi.com

11. May I use voucher funds?

Yes, you may use voucher funds to purchase eligible products through the program, pending approval of the Microsoft Claims Administrator.

12. I have more questions, who do I call?

Please contact SHI:

Office: 800-535-5210

Rebecca Smith
CA K-12 Field Account Executive and CETPA/CAMSA Lead (working with K-12 throughout the State)

Office: 951-599-4882
Cell: 310-402-9905

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