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CETPA's membership consists of the IT Professionals supporting all of the technology being used in schools today. This is an ever-widening field and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) constantly struggle to support and enhance student learning with the effective use of technology as well as support the administrative processes and infrastructure requirements required for every institution. Effective and consistent training is difficult to maintain given the ever-changing technology landscape.

CETPA membership asked for options for online courses for both IT staff and administrative staff. CETPA responded by offering two excellent choices from Learnport and Knowledgenet. 




Learnport offers world class, affordable online training to it’s members and educational partners.
The foundation of LearnPort is its strategic partnerships with three highly successful companies:
 Skillsoft,  GetAbstract, and  Blatant Media. 
These partnerships allow for LearnPort to offer products and services that are vital to corporate learning and training. Skillsoft has the largest, most up-to-date, and dynamic catalog of online learning courses, videos, and full length eBooks available. GetAbstract specializes in providing book summaries for best-selling authors on a variety of topics, allowing the reader to gain pertinent information in a short period of time. Skillsoft and GetAbstract work with over 50% of Fortune 500 companies and are leaders in their field. LearnPort combines these products to create a visually engaging, user-friendly, and highly effective online training and educational solution.

Online Learning and Education

Your LearnPort membership gets you access to the entire Skillsoft catalog. Not only do you get access to the full IT Catalog, you get training on critical skills and principles that are vital to the success of any organization or corporation. The catalog includes but is not limited to:

IT Training

  • 1700+ IT courses, 28,000+ IT videos, and 15,000+ full length IT eBooks.
  • Over 100 IT certifications tracks, complete with guides, resources, test prep exams.
  • IT mentors to assist with certification track guidance.
  • Over a 90% first pass rate.

Additional Online Content

  • 7,000+ courses, 65,000+ videos, and 46,000+ full length eBooks.
  • Business Courses: Leadership, Management, Strategy, Project Management, Finance & Accounting, Communication Skills, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales, and much more.
  • Desktop Courses: Microsoft, Adobe, Social Media, Operating Systems, Mobile Devices, Security for End Users, Graphics and Design, IBM, Apple, Google, and much more.
  • Compliance Courses: Full Federal and State of California compliance catalog, full Environmental, Health & Safety catalog, full Cal/OSHA catalog.


Your LearnPort membership comes with an unlimited access account to GetAbstract (a $299 value). Your GetAbstract account includes:

  • 10,000+ professional book summaries.
  • Summaries include take-away notes, highlights, quotes, and an author bio.
  • Access to a fully curated catalog of TED Talk Videos and other influential business presentations.

Why LearnPort?

Online training is a proven and cost effective method to continually increase your knowledge and skillset. 24/7 access to the catalog eliminates scheduling constraints and greatly reduces overall training expenses. Receiving relevant training when you need it, increases efficiencies and retention of knowledge. Additional benefits with a LearnPort membership:

  • Access to the largest and most relevant online learning catalog in the world.
  • Complete mobile access via a smart phone.
  • Full tracking and reporting capabilities.
  • The ability to customize learning plans.
  • A platform that is visual appealing and user friendly.
  • Administrator features and Group capabilities.
  • Customer Support to ensure maximum productivity and results with the LearnPort platform.
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The Best Value in IT Training & Certification

We offer a blend of effective training styles designed to leverage the benefits of traditional instructor-led training at your desktop. Our unique approach to IT and business skills training supports educational initiatives and ensures that the acquisition of IT knowledge is relevant, topical, and useful.

Everything IT
Everything IT includes access to over 1,500 on-demand IT courses designed to help you achieve your learning goals. These courses can be used to earn IT certification, increase general knowledge or as the perfect learning library.

Live Learning 

KnowledgeNet takes the benefits of live instruction to a new level by featuring world-class instructors that provide exceptional instruction in an interactive environment. This method of learning generates better retention, reduced training time and decreased cost.

End User

KnowledgeNet offers over 2,000 hours of End User training. Our outstanding instructional designers have created these courses to deliver more relevant information in less time.

Managerial & Office 
Changes in the workplace require employees to develop a well-rounded skillset. The Managerial and Office training courses from KnowledgeNet help professionals improve existing workplace skills and develop new skills as they plan for the next stage of their career.


Why KnowledgeNet

Not only are our training solutions less expensive than traditional ILT, internet delivery also eliminates the need for travel and related costs. The result? You can afford to take more instructor-led training courses, more often.

  • World-Class Instructors 
    KnowledgeNet live classes feature world-class instructors that provide exceptional instruction in an interactive environment.
  • On-demand Classes
    Miss a live class? Catch up with your training or go back and review a class with on-demand versions of all our live classes.
  • Live Labs
    Our Live Labs give you your very own sandbox using real equipment to help develop valuable IT knowledge and skills.
  • Extensive Learning Library
    Access a library of thousands of published IT-professional books online as well as hundreds of hours of video tutorials.
  • Comprehensive Student Resources
    Each course is accompanied by an in-depth course guide that covers course objectives and curriculum and course notes.
  • Certification Practice Exams
    Our certification practice exams are designed to help IT professionals prepare for and pass vendor certification exams.
  • Expert Mentoring
    Have a question about what you're learning? We have certified mentors available to help you out.
  • Personal Success Advisors
    Success Advisors develop personalized training plans to help our students achieve learning goals.



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