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Since the passage of AB 1584, (now found at California Education Code section 49073.1), school districts have struggled to incorporate its required provisions in their contracts with digital providers. Two reasons account for a large portion of these difficulties. First, school districts often do not have the legal resources to negotiate with legally compliant privacy provisions. Second, other school districts are often reluctant to adopt the products for their school district, especially if they do not know whether these other agreements have been legally reviewed, and by persons who are comfortable in the new law of data privacy. To address this critical need, CETPA is pleased to announce the California Student Privacy Alliance (CSPA) , a partnership with the Access 4 Learning Community's Student Data Privacy Consortium and the Massachusetts Student Privacy Alliance (MSPA).  
CETPA is making this valuable resource available to every district in California at no cost, and encourages use of the CSPA to: 

The California Student Data Privacy Agreement attempts to tackle these challenges head on. First, it has been reviewed by several sets of legal and subject matter experts ranging from the Federal government, private attorneys, and educators working in the data privacy field both within the State of California and beyond. Users of this document can know, with a high degree of confidence, that it meets both the requirements of Federal and California State law.  

Vendors may additionally choose to sign the General Offer of Terms, Exhibit E, making the CSDPA essentially a piggy-backable or umbrella agreement, requiring only the additional signature of the district to make it binding and eliminating any further privacy negotiations for that particular resource. 

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