CETF and School2Home are currently promoting the "Get Connected!" ads statewide.  Awareness of low-cost Internet is one of the barriers preventing students’ parents from signing-up. CETF and School2Home want to get the word out on the affordable broadband offers and the info line number as much as possible to elevate awareness. The end goal for parents: a reliable, affordable, high-speed Internet connection that will enable greater support for educational and digital opportunities for their child. 

When a parent calls the info line they are routed to a representative with one of the trusted community-based organizations that have partnered with CETF.  The representative will answer any questions the caller may have about signing up for a low-cost Internet offer and will call the Internet Service Provider with the parent on the phone to go through the step-by-step process of signing-up and deciding which affordable offer is best for the family needs (multiple users, streaming content, e-mail etc.).  

 #DigitalDivide #AffordableBroadband #DigitalEquity #net4allNow #DigitalInclusion.  

Twitter: @net4allnow and @School2Home. 



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