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Student Data Privacy

Today school districts struggle to incorporate required provisions on Student Data Privacy in their contracts with digital providers. Lack of legal resources and no access to compliant agreements are two reasons for this. California Education Code section 49073.1 has specific requirements for contracts with vendors working with student data and is meant to protect that data.

Also, the use of applications in the classroom is widespread and teachers need a way to determine whether an app is safe to use. The district needs to inventory and help maintain the applications used throughout the organization.

CETPA developed the California Student Privacy Alliance (CSPA) , a partnership with the Access 4 Learning Community's Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC). CETPA has joined this consortium on behalf all schools in the state of California.

The free membership to CSPA addresses:

  • A statewide agreement that districts can use to ensure that the vendor is aware of and complies with California's student data privacy laws.
  • A Searchable database of applications and vendors who have signed the statewide agreement with at least one school or district. 
  • This database creates transparency for teachers, parents, and others to determine if an application is compliant.
  • It also creates an inventory of apps being used. and a way for teachers to request that a new application be vetted by their organization.

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Participating School Districts

CSPA Library

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
CSPA Presentation March 2019.pptx PPTX (17.85 MB) Administration 4/15/2019
Join the CSPA.mp4 MP4 (10.09 MB) Administration 4/15/2019
Steps To Compliance.pdf PDF (50.27 KB) Administration 4/15/2019
Agreement Types.mp4 MP4 (22.63 MB) Administration 4/15/2019
Blank App Matrix.xlsx XLSX (70.09 KB) Administration 4/15/2019
CSPA Intro (for Techs).mp4 MP4 (15.33 MB) Administration 4/15/2019
CSPA Intro (for Teachers).mp4 MP4 (22.78 MB) Administration 4/15/2019
Sample Responses DOCX (28.02 KB) Administration 4/25/2019
App Vetting Process.mp4 MP4 (23 MB) Administration 4/15/2019
App Request Diagram.pptx PPTX (297.8 KB) Administration 4/15/2019
What is the SDPC.mp4 MP4 (28.16 MB) Administration 4/15/2019
Apple Compliance and Agreement PDF (891.02 KB)  more ] Administration 4/1/2019
Onboarding Guide PDF (1.94 MB) Administration 10/14/2018
How To Videos Link  more ] Administration 10/13/2018
Pause Before You Post Video Link  more ] Administration 10/13/2018
Ask Before You App Video Link  more ] Administration 10/13/2018
CSDPA Agreement PDF (453.92 KB) Administration 9/27/2018
CSDPA V2 Visual Comparison (1).pdf PDF (522.42 KB) Administration 9/23/2018
CSDPA Public Presentation April 2017.pptx PPTX (4.72 MB) Administration 9/23/2018
Microsoft Compliance.pdf PDF (518.29 KB) Administration 9/23/2018
Google Compliance.pdf PDF (6.94 MB) Administration 9/23/2018
Instructions for Online Recommendation Form (2.pdf PDF (555.65 KB) Administration 9/23/2018
Welcome to CSPA v 5.15.18.pdf PDF (1.91 MB) Administration 9/23/2018
CSPA Training Slides.pptx PPTX (4.19 MB) Administration 7/25/2018
CETPA CSPA FAQ v3.pdf PDF (483.48 KB) Administration 7/25/2018